Action Alert: BLM Land Use Plans for 10-Western States Released Today!

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  1. Barrelnut

    Barrelnut Well-Known Member

    Dec 16, 2013
    Thought I'd post this email I got today from BigGame Forever. Please forward and even join BigGame Forever if so inclined.


    It’s starting. Yesterday, the Bureau of Land Management released highly controversial new land use plans for 10 Western states. As predicted, these plans contain millions of acres of “withdrawals,” which equates to huge land use closures.

    This is a direct attack on the use of our natural resources, and land accessibility for hunting, grazing, job creation and economic productivity. This will make it harder for sportsmen to access these areas and for conservation work to be conducted. It will hurt hardworking families across the West. It also means increased pressure on areas that remain opened. This is not good for conservation. This is not good for sportsmen. Already, many anti-use groups are pushing for even more restrictions saying the new plans do not go far enough. These plans will take effect later this summer.

    This is one of the reasons why Big Game Forever has lead the way in supporting Congressional action to protect vital state conservation plans for Sage-grouse. In the last few weeks, the House of Representatives included provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act that address concerns over the repeated attempts to force an Endangered Species listing. The bill also allows states to make the case that these draconian plans from the Bureau of Land Management are unneccessary. Why is this so important? The National Defense Authorization Act is one of only a handful of bills that is expected to pass Congress and signed into law this year. The bill, including the Sage-grouse language, has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives. It will be taken up by the U.S. Senate in coming days.

    As you are aware, these BLM plans are being released in anticipation of a decision on whether to list the bird as an endangered species later this year. It will be the third listing decision in a decade for Sage-grouse. Why another decision? Repeated, wasteful lawsuits by special interest groups are pounding the courts until they get their way. These groups think they know better. They do not want the West to enjoy freedoms of economic prosperity, self-sufficiency and outdoor recreation. Simply stated, they want to change our way of life.

    Congress has noticed and is stepping up to stop the endless cycle of petitions, litigation and more land closures.

    Here are a few quotes from leaders in Congress on today’s BLM plans:

    Senator Steve Daines-United States Senator from Montana:
    I have serious concerns that the Obama administration’s land-use plans will have a detrimental impact on Montana’s economy, our land users and Montanans’ way of life. It’s the people of Montana, not federal bureaucrats from Washington, D.C., who know best how to manage our state’s resources, land and wildlife. The Obama administration should implement Montana’s plan, which best addresses our state’s unique needs and can protect the greater sage-grouse, rather than forcing another Washington-driven, one-size-fits-none policy on Montanans.

    Congressman Rob Bishop-United States Representative from Utah:
    This is just flat out wrong. If the Administration really cares about the bird they will adopt the state plans as they originally said they would. The state plans work. This proposal is only about controlling land, not saving the bird…This announcement is not cooperation, it is not collaboration, and it is not a solution. It is just wrong.

    We will need the help of all 65,000 supporters of Big Game Forever. Please send a message to Congress today! Simply visit: Right to Hunt - Big Game Forever It takes just 30 seconds using Big Game Forever's automated system. Sportsmen are a powerful force for good. Your support for Congressional action is key to protecting state management of wildlife and our rights of hunters.

    For a more in-depth article on the release of BLM's new land use plans visit: Obama administration lays out controversial plans to protect sage grouse | Fox News

    BigGame Forever
  2. DocB

    DocB Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2012
    Hate to say it but the big O administration is again trying to use one of his bureaucracies to hoodwink unknowing American citizens. Americans are being hoodwinked by their own President, again, this time using the BLM, Forest Department, and EPA to take away PUBLIC lands and water. All in the name of continued implementation of Agenda 21 also known as the United Nations Sustainable Development Programme.

    Residents of Montana and Wyoming have already been affected by the covert and subversive dealings of the United Nations and this president to take over public water and lands and now you are screwed forever. The Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs and others are again manipulating Native Americans to further their own cause which is to in the future double cross the tribes and then take control the water by whatever means necessary. Do you think the CDC and US Army shipping live anthrax stuff was a mistake, really??
    (Montana Governor) Bullock Signs Tribal Water Rights Ratification Into Law
    Crow Tribe, United States and State of Montana Sign Historic Water Compact

    Also included in Agenda 21 is the removal of private cattle ownership and ranching by using 'endangered species' and the repopulating of buffalo in the west and northwest.
    Montana's Highest Court Clears Way for Return of Wild Bison | Earthjustice

    The UN Biosphere programme is part of Agenda 21's plan to confiscate public and privately owned lands across the world. There stated purpose is to preserve world land from man's destruction but in reality it is to gain control, visa vi the US Govt., of huge parcels of American lands. There are presently 47 of these sites in the US.
    47 in the United States - U.N. Biosphere Reserves

    Part of the US plans in Agenda 21 is the repopulating of 'predator species' into the western and northwestern forests to 'return the ecosystem to balance'. Those of you in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Northern California, and now Colorado know how that's working out. The covert intent is to use the 'predator species' to control those species which can be used as food for humans, competing with humans, and eventually forcing humans to move into 'population centers' when the UN and US Govt make hunting illegal becuase it is 'unsafe'.

    I can't make this stuff up. So you haven't heard of Agenda 21? Well I beg to differ. It's in the news everyday, you just don't know about it. All 5 media outlets are owned by world bank members who are onboard with Agenda 21 and they are the one's directing the US govt.

    So when you hear of the govt. 'protecting the environment', 'fighting global warming', preserving public water ways', 'reducing carbon in the atmosphere', 'preserving public lands' then you should perk your ears up and listen because you are about to be screwed again and are going to be loosing more of your freedoms courtesy of your own government. All of the chatter of protests, litigation, and babble from our elected officials is just a smokescreen. When the pres gets up in front of US Coast Guard Midshipmen at their graduation ceremony and declares that they, the new Coast Guard Ensigns, are the shock troops of his War on the Environment, then it's 'game on' time. Americans need to be informed, aware, prepared and determined if they wish to remain free and Americans.

    This is a long YouTube but it lays Agenda 21 out very well. Some of you folks in Montana might be familiar with the gentleman delivering the presentation as well as some of the local government officials in attendance. It's worth your time to watch the whole thing. It's scary in it's impact. And like Barrelnut said "Folks, It's starting.".

    Make up your own minds.

    DocB Animo et Fide "Courage and Faith"
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  3. DocB

    DocB Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2012
    I don't want to make this into a 'rant by a crazy ole guy', but I think this is probably the most important threat to America today and in the future. I'll be dead soon, from one cause or another, either naturally or induced so my interest lies in the future of our children and grandchildren, the Republic, our freedom, our independence and preservation of the American way of life, not the New World Order under control of the UN and a US Premier/Dictator.

    Things you really need to inform yourself on are:

    The world bank, it's members and their control of the US and World economy and MEDIA! FOLLOW THE MONEY!

    George Soros and his ownership of Obama and Clintons and their elections.

    The 're-wilding of America thru the wildlands project'

    The International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI, a nice sounding group of environmental shock trooper who will provide support and direction for local governments who choose to accept and embrace the goals of Agenda 21. (George Soros again.)

    Here's another very enlightening and educational YouTube. Again it's long, but your freedom is worth your time.

    "Animo et Fide" Courage and Faith

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