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May 27, 2002
Well they are at it again on the Big Game Hunting portion of the that website. Calling anyone who would shoot at game animals at 1K are idiots. Like Dave King posted, it is obvious they are trying to stir the pot again. But I could not leave it alone. One of these days I learn to leave topics like that one alone. Great response Boyd!

Shoot Safe, Shoot Straight.....RiverRat
"One of these days I learn to leave topics like that one alone."
Yep, one of these days I'll learn to ignore them also.
I hope you gentlemen don't mind that I got in on that thread.
Did you like that????
Boyd, what I liked is what you said, " I don't take them, I make them" Dave King, Daryl, yourself and several others have defended long range hunting very well. I just wish the nay sayers would leave it alone. But then like I said 4 shot years ago I would not have believed it either. Until they see they can't comphrend it either. Just a shame people don't keep quiet about something they know nothing about.
I liked it Boyd.
JMO, their are a few thinkers and doers that post there regularly, but for the most part dogma prevails at AR. I go there a fair bit just for the humor..
They beat subjects to death on a regular recurring basis, the LR thing about every 2-3 weeks or so. SMK's and Ballistic Tips just as often. Oh Well...
I still dot know how you guys do it. They manage to get my goat so bad every time I read their posts...
If it is not accurate reloding site, it's the go go varmit site...
Surely they must do this just to ruffle some feathers...
I get so worked up I cant even post....
Hey, it's just like shooting, take a breath, let some of it out, then squeeze!
Sometimes I like to sqeeze their brains a little, but then there isn't much to work on there.

There are a few fellas there that know their stuff. Conventional hunters with a lot of experience, plenty of brains and common decency. I can work with anybody who doesn't need a window in his belly to see where he's going.
I used to argue with those guys all the time, and they'd really get p'ed off, I would never use profanity or call names... but I got to the point where I had fun making them mad.
Alot of the guys on here -before this board was around- (Len Buckus, Dave King, Darryl Cassel) told me I was just fueling the fire... and making it worse.. you know what? they was right, you can't win, too many people out there who do not know jack about hitting an animal at over 100-200 yards.... and if someone else does it, they are idiots... thats what they think..

Anyway, when you talk long range they think of some 16 yr old kid with a Wal-Mart 30-06 and a $40 Tasco scope trying deer at 800 yards.... and in a case like that they would be right..
They do not understand the high tech and money that true long hunters put into the thier equipment for the sport...

There is so much bickering amoung fellow hunters...
At each others throats is not the way to battle the -anti-gun/hunting liberal nazis-
We have too many anti's we need to stick together against.
If someone wants to shoot an Elk at 700 yards with a 223 or 243... it's not something I would do, but it's not my place to slander someone all over a internet message forum for it either.... no one does everything perfect... Bow hunters are allowed to shoot deer at 50 yards..
I would bet that Darryl's 338-416 imp is more accurate at 2100 yards with more killing power (quicker more humaine kills) than the best compound bow on the planet Earth at 50 yards... who is more/less ethical?

What kind of groups do deer hunters get who use the TYPICAL 12 guage shotgun with open bead/ball site on end of barrel?
maybe 10 inches at 100 yards if lucky on a good day.
most the deer hunters say this is okey!

Yet what kind of groups do 1000 yard benchrest rifles get now.. 2-3 inches at 1000 yards.....

most of those guys don't know what a 338/416 imp is... "Wadda heck isa Dat?

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