SOLD/EXPIRED Accuracy Systems AR 15 in 204 1/2moa guarentee NEW


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Feb 14, 2008
I traded for this rifle but I am going a different direction. it is still brand new with all paperwork. here is the original add, followed by pics that I took of the actual rifle.
I'm selling a new Accuracy Systems AR-15 in .204 Ruger. If you go to and click on their AR-15 conversion calibers page, it is order #1. The rifle is identical to the one pictured accept I substituted the four rail for a venetd round free float tube with a bipod stud and the three pound trigger for a 2.5 pound two stage trigger. The gun has never been fired other than by Accuracy Systems to verify accuracy. It is gauranteed to shoot sub 1/2 moa with factory ammo. I have all receipts and paper work including supplied test target of .275" @ 100 yards with factory Hornady 32 grain Vmax bullets. I ordered the rifle about 6 months ago and just recieved it. Get this custom tack driver without the 5 to 6 month wait.
Price is $2000 shipped for rifle alone w/2 20 rd pmags
i am very open to trades/offers, first preference would be high end glass, after that fire away i am all ears.
scope rings, and bipod not included or for sale


this is the ultimate coyote and varmint rifle I just have to many already.