Accuracy International .338 & .308


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Dec 11, 2008
I thought I would share with you my Accuracy's with my most recent being as per the latest issue.

Awesome rifles!!!
I guess I just have to keep on dreaming, and working hard to have one of those in the future.gun)
how do u like the rear monopod support? I've heard some things about how they can mess with the recoil and cause a loss in accuracy. Those stocks are pretty ergonomic too!
The rear mono - pod in the AE is good, the mono - pod on the .338 AWSM is brill - very well made and very stable, the instruction manual suggests not using it all the time, to shoot from but with the muzzle break recoil is very little and it's very accurate, clover leaf groups at 100 meters.
Do you stiil own your AI's and if so, which do you like better, the AE or AW, or is there a big difference between the two?
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