SOLD/EXPIRED A few items to sell


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Aug 30, 2008
Cleaning up the gun room, a few items that I purchased and some I have never used and a few that have a little usebut are in excellent condition. All items priced including shipping.

P&R Holeshot barrel vise. This vise is standard length, but about 4" wide for exceptional holding power. Inserts that come with it are: 1.010, 1.150, 1.175, 1.180, 1.225, 1.250, & 2.0.........$120.00

Manfrotto (Bogen) 490 RC4 camera, spotting scope head. Exceptional condition.........$70.00.

Fowler X-Test Indicator .0005" New in the box ..........$30.00.

RCBS Full length 30-06 Competition die set P/N 37701, good condition, minor rust.......$50.00.

RCBS Neck sizer 30-06 P/N 14830 Good condition.........$20.00.

Thanx in advance for your interest, Bob.
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Still have the 243 competition dies for sale? ( I'm assuming full length sizer and seater) How old are they? Does it still have the micrometer adjustment on the seater?
Re: A few items to sell...PRICES LOWERED

New prices, let's sell this stuff...............
Do you still have the 30-06 neck sizing die? how much, shipped?
Do you still have the Fowler X-Test Indicator? where do you live in oklahoma ? Im in Enid. how much total shipped here.
X-test indicator $30.00 TYD. If you would like it PM me with your details. USPS money order or PayPal are fine......Bob.
do you have the barrel vice yet ?
what is your bottom no.
thx dug