9 Hogs Down with Lone Star Armory TX15 & Grendel SST 123 gr.

Double Naught Spy

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Oct 8, 2012
Forestburg, Montague County, Texas
Got a chance to try out a Lone Star Armory TX15 Multi Purpose Carbine, Enhanced in .264 LBC, so I am shooting 6.5 Grendel factory ammo. I have used this rifle over several hunts and it has done very well, which is no surprise. LSA has been building precision guns for quite a while now.

This hunt started off slow and a bit disappointing, but then things changed significantly...

Due to the height of the grass, had to return the next day to find more of the hogs. My wife came along and I left her in the truck on top of a hill with a set of binos and then I headed down into the killing field and she walked me onto dark spots that she saw or where she saw buzzards land. We found 3 more hogs. It wasn't our most romantic evening out, but it was a good time. I am not certain, but I think she intentionally walked me around in circles for her own enjoyment.