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8MM Remington Mag barrel and brass and bullets

Charlie Brown Jr.

Well-Known Member
Dec 5, 2014
Astoria Or.
Remington 700 8mm mag 24" bbl, bright bore, crisp rifling, only about 233 rds. fired through this bbl. Looks excellent inside, about 90% outside, just some light pitting in the blue, I tried to take a picture of the small pits on the blue. The rifle this came off of looked like new and the owner said it would shoot in an inch at 100 yds. the stock was not bedded just like it came from the factory. Comes with pictured brass 100 new Rem cases and 70 rds. of once fired brass. RCBS 8MM mag dies, and the Nosler 200 gr. partitions in the picture. + the plastic cartridge boxes, and original Rem recoil lug still on the bbl. $230.00 insured, shipped, TYD


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You got a deal. email me tomorrow and we'll trade contact info off-site and I can get a postal money order off to you right away.
Steve Weldon
[email protected]
Sold everything in one lot = pending payment.. I haven't had any luck posting sold, I'm sure there's an easy way to do it, but the trick seems to be well hidden.