8 minute Maine moose

Pa Grizz

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Feb 8, 2014
I have been putting in for 29 years this is what I shot 8 minutes into the season.Using a 300 RUM.I was hunting in the northern part of zone 2 in the October season.


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Congratulations on your bull! I'm from central Maine, about 15 minutes south of Newport in the very small town of Troy. I know a lot of people who, like you, had waited a long time to finally get drawn. I also know people who seem to go on a moose hunt every other year. The way most people hunt moose in Maine isn't very challenging (driving down the logging roads until you spot one) but when you find a big bull like yours, it sure makes one hell of a trophy. It's definitely a "once in a lifetime" hunt for a lot of people. Glad to see you got your shot, and tagged out!
Grizz, nice one. 29 years sounds like the wait here in Az. for a Desert Bighorn tag.
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