8.59 Titan vs. 338-416 improved?


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Jun 20, 2001
Does anyone have any experience with the 8.59 Titan? I am going to start another rifle in about 2 months. Bat Big action, 36" Lilja barrel, McMillin Big Mac stock. I want to use the best 338 round out there. I know the 338-416 has alot of popularity for a good reason. I think the Lazzeroni Cartridge is very similar but I know it is only 2.80 inches long. I think it may have less case capacity. I would love to here some recommendations from all of you who have much more experience then myself. All of my experience has been limited to smaller cartridges and the 50 BMG. (Barret m82a1) while I was in the Marine corps. I do have several thousand rounds through a 50 but that isn't the same. They are very different beasts.
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