SOLD/EXPIRED 7wsm/591/Bartlien/Melonited barreled action

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  1. trevor73402

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    Nov 6, 2009
    I have a 7saum being built, so I'm going to offer up this barreled action for sale. This is only for the barreled action, no stock and no trigger.

    •Surgeon 591 w/ WSM bolt face
    •Bartlein 1:9tw Sendero/Varmint contour at 24"
    •Barrel spiral fluted by Kampfeld Customs
    •Barrel threaded 5/8x24
    •Shueler SS 3 port brake
    •All metal has been Melonite Treated by MMI Trutech
    •All Smith/Metal work done by RWS
    •Barreled action has 348 rounds fired

    The gun shoots .25" groups with 168VLD's & H4831SC at 3,049fps. It also shoots the RL-22 very well, but I stayed with 4831SC for temp stability. I've never tried to shoot anything in it other than the 168's. I've shot this rifle out to 1,200yds with excellent results. I've taken a few deer with it as well.

    Price: $2000 shipped.....firm. Add the parts, smith work, & Melonite treating and see how much you come up's a good deal.

    *****I also have the following I will SELL to the BUYER. Please do not ask for me to include any of this in for free with the barreled action. I'm not going to.
    •Redding FL die set (Standard 2 die set)
    •Redding Type S Bushing FL die (no bushing)
    •Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater
    •(1) Alpha 300wsm magazine
    • Alot of brass.....most new, some fired. Will sell by the 100cnt at better than retail price. I will have to get an exact count.
    • All load data (Free)
    • Partial box of 168 VLD's

    ONLY trades needed are:
    •a similar barreled action in .243, 6XC, or a 6.5mm cal.
    •Ruger SR1911
    •H4350 (8lb containers)
    •Bartlien or Rock 6mm barrel in Rem Varm or similar
    •Lapua .243 brass

  2. trevor73402

    trevor73402 Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    Sold Pending funds
  3. jobo157

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    May 8, 2012
    pics of a 243 if interested