7mm Rem Mag Pet Loads with 184 Berger F-Open Hybrid


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Apr 7, 2020
My cousin is having a custom rifle built and is having it chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. He wants to start with the 184gr Berger F-Open Hybrid and has procured a 500ct to get going.

Pet Loads or recommended powder/brass/primer combinations for that bullet would be most appreciated.

It will be fed down a 1-8” twist Brux barrel. 26” working with a PA M-11 brake. I have a good working knowledge of reloading practices and have been building precision ammo for other cartridges successfully for some time now but this is my first foray helping a newbie and my first experience with this particular cartridge. I’m quite partial to the “saterlee 10 shot load development” because of very consistent success across several bullet, powder, combinations in different cartridges. I know there are different methods, this is what has worked well for me. Thanks in advance!
Tagging in......I have some test loads ready to go for my 26" 1-9 twist. Loaded with H-1000, which I'm running low on. Waiting for epoxy resin to finish bedding my stock to get out shooting. I have been watching for some higher quality brass, but have had decent results with sorted and tuned RP brass. I normally use 215 primers. From what I read on other forums 184 grain loads oads seemed to follow pretty close to the 180 grain Bergers, and had good luck with several jump lengths......It's probably going to be several weeks before I get out shooting.

My worst part of helping others load is determining their shooting ability.....sometimes hard to know if it's the load, or them! It's nice to have a proven rifle and load to test them out with first!
I haven't shot 184s but I have shot 180s. Retumbo would be ideal for the 184s. RL26 should work nicely also. Some people will say h1000. All of those are hard to come by right now. Some other powders that should work well would be N565, N570 & ramshot LTR.

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Have you all got any new updates on your 7remmag/184 venture..? I just put 50 rounds on a new 8.5Brux 7rem mag yesterday for slow break in and will hopefully be doing some 184 development over next couple days.
No.....to many projects/life have been getting in the way! I got the action bedded, and about 20 rounds through it before it got busy.... I did get some 184's loaded but haven't got out yet. I should really try slip out early tomorrow morning and get a short shooting trip in.
I've had good luck with H1000 and RL26 with Berger 180's dont see why the 184's wouldn't be very close. Never could get Retumbo to work always 2 and 1 in the grouping, awesome speed but accuracy trumps. I wouldn't overlook imr7977 or V565 especially if you have these and not the other 2 mentioned above.
I've had both the 215 and 250 primers work depending on rifle.
Looks like I’m topping out at 2906 FPS with my 28” Brux 67 ish grs h1000 with .020 jump.
Mine leveled out now with 210 shots on the barrel @ 66 grains H1000 with 184 or 190 but it responded very positively with .010" jam... 190's are 2890 and the 184's are slightly over 2900.
Mine leveled out now with 210 shots on the barrel @ 66 grains H1000 with 184 or 190 but it responded very positively with .010" jam... 190's are 2890 and the 184's are slightly over 2900.
I only have Remtubo to work with. I'll give it a try. What brand of 190"s are you using. I have a box of Hornady 190 A-tips that I would like to work up a load.
Bergers are what I am shooting. Working really well.
Mine actually sped up slightly to 2900 flat with 190's and 2910 with 184's. I have never tried the Hornady Atips but wouldn't be afraid to.
I haven’t used the 184’s yet, but the 180 hybrids I’ve have been shooting. I’m getting 71gns of H1000 with no pressure and room to go up.

H1000, Retumbo, Re26, Re23, IMR 7828ssc, N570, N565, IMR7977, IMR8133 would all be with it to look at.

Virgin Norma Brass
WLRM Primers
71gns H1000
180gn Berger Hybrids @ .015” off
2950fps @ 1000’ DA
26” Barrel
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