700 sps varment


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Sep 23, 2012
I picked up a 700 sps varment in LEFT HANDED 308, I am lookiing for a stock like the bell and carlson medialist! does anyone know where to find it? does it have to be just for the sps or does it fit into the same stock as the bdl? Help please!!!
Check out Stockys website, they have a bunch of B&C stocks on their site. You just need a stock for a sps or bdl, or a stock thats inletted for the Rem factory floorplate. When you're reading the descriptions, make sure it's for a varmint barrel. stockysstocks.com
Ohhhhh thats amazing news i didnt know if it went into the same stock as the bdl thanks alot perfect answer
My cousin has the same rifle you have. He got a nice laminate from Stocky's. Being a lefty, you will find you have few options than us righties. For instance, another friend has RH sps varmint and he got the same stock as my cousin, but he could get one with the aluminum bedding block.

tim is right that the SPS and BDL action are the same. in terms of the barrel channel, you could potentially get a stock for a lighter barrel and simply open up the barrel channel by sanding it. Check with the manufacturer and make sure it's doable though.
Redhawk Rifles has a better price on the B&B stocks and excellent customer service. I ordered my A2 from there.
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