SOLD/EXPIRED 6BR Benchrest New

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    Jun 24, 2011
    Item Description: Beautiful new Benchest rifle in 6mmBR
    Boyd's stock Fit and finish by Doyle Anglin in Stathamm Ga. ( absolutely beautiful)
    Custom Remington 700 Receiver w/ Timney Calvin Elite trigger from Accurate Ordinance in Winder.
    3" forend for your front rest
    Over 100 pieces of Lapua 6mmBenchrest brass already preppe
    ER Shaw barrel 21 and 3/4" S/S Barrel 1in 8 1/2 twist
    Will take custom or high end 1911 for partial trade.
    Sale Price: $2025
    Trade Value or Items Looking For: Custom or High End 1911's as partial
    New never shot

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