6.5 PRC and Berger 156's velocities?

Just picked up a new element 6.5 prc. What is your go to accuracy / velocity load with the 156 eol? Thanks in advance
I worked a powder ladder up to 58.8gr of H1000 where I hit pressure. I had a great flat spot with 58.2gr in the middle so my load became 58.2gr at 15/1000 off. That's running 3040fps in a 26 in Proof 1:8. This load is consistently sub 0.5 MOA. Its accounted for 22 head of game from about 80 yards to 743 yards. I'd work up in small increments to find your rifle's powder nodes and not try to jump to some random book max. The book max data for this cartridge, and most, are all over the map and do not necessarily match your rifle. For example, 58.2gr H1000 might be way over pressure in your rifle. You need to test.
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I'm running 156 EOL's in a 22" Proof Carbon
58.6g H1000 - I ran into pressure at 60g
Hornady Brass
10 thou off the lands
F 210M Primer
250 Rnds down the barrel
Very accurate load but a tad on the warm side.
Old thread but adding data from my recent Element load work up. I’m loading in the middle of a wide node at 57.5gr H1000 virgin ADG brass 2913 avg FPS over 10 shots and SD 10. I’m sure SD will tighten on 1x fired brass. Fed210m primers and 3.070 oal. I am shooting through a Gunwerks 6ix suppressor for what it’s worth.
How do you like your 6ix suppressor by now?
What’s this +P 6.5 PRC chamber all about ? Thxs.
+P is a chamber throating technique that allows the for a little higher velocity by lowering land engagement at the start of the lands. There are pluses and minuses with this style of chambering and not all setups will gain much from it. I have seen people report 3100+ fps with the 156 EOL in the 6.5 PRC using these chambers.

This video gives specifics:

Seems like a lot of folks are getting way better velocities than Berger posts for the various charges. Even though Berger data is based on a 26 in barrel and most of us shoot 24's.