6.5 Creed Reamer

Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to chronny it yet. Hopefully tomorrow after work. What are you getting out of yours?

Got to shoot today. With 64 rounds down the barrel I’m getting a 2751 fps Rifle shot several 2-2.5” four shot groups at 575 yds fired as fast as I could run the bolt and get back on target. Gun is amazingly accurate! Seems like every few rounds on the steel today it was bumping up in velocity. Started at 3.6 mils and ended up at 3.4 mils. Super impressed with the rifle.
This load has no pressure at all and I could probably go up, but no reason to when it’s this accurate and consistent...and the barrel may speed up some as well. Pretty sweet when your old load works in your new rifle with the same brass and load development is skipped!
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