585 Hubel Express

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    Dec 18, 2011
    Is not really a wild cat but a New cartridge its a gibbs size case straight walled with a rebated belt .640 rim diameter 3.25" case . The brass is suppose to be the same quality as cheytac brass . I ordered the cases months ago they just got in . I don't really have a idea what to build such a monster on . waiting to hear back from Noreen . Their ulr action would be ideal since it can be had with a cheytac bolt face . Going to see if pacnor can make a 1.6" diameter 585 barrel . they said the only barrels they make over 36" are 510.585, & 20mm.
    I had been looking into other projects because I thought the brass would never get here this year .

    GS CUSTOM BULLETS - 5871015SP022 Technical Data