4th. Annual Balloon Shoot Columbus WI

Terry Balding

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Dec 28, 2013
6649 Tartan Trail, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Friday July 15th. Factory Class, 8:00 am. Registration, 8 – 11 practice, 11:30 Shooting

Saturday July 16th. 22 Limited Class, 8:00 am. Registration, 8 – 11 practice, 11:30 Shooting

Sunday July 17th. Custom Classes, 8:00 am. Registration, 8–11 practice, 11:30 Shooting

Payouts daily for completed matches. Lunch is available at range.

Factory Class: Factory stock, barrel, action and trigger. Blueprinting, timing and truing of actions permitted. Re-crowning of barrels permitted. Bedding of actions permitted. No other modifications permitted. No custom shop or specialty rifles (i.e. Cooper, Dakota, Bear, etc.)

22 Limited: Limited to calibers 22 or less, no other restrictions.

Custom Class: Restricted to 30 caliber or less, no other restrictions.

Shooting: Contestant, scorers, and spotters permitted on the firing line during relays. Top 10 scores go to the shoot off using the same balloons. Contestant and scorers only permitted on the firing line during shoot offs. 20 Minute relays. Ties broken by 5 shots for score at 600 yards. Entries limited to twice per class. $25.00 per entry. 50% of net income payout paid 5 places, 25%, 10%, 5%, 5%, and 5%.
Balloons: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]: 14 balloons 17 rounds of ammo. 4” minimum balloon size. Balloons held in netting.



http://www.csa12.com/PDFs/600 flyer/Liability-Release.pdf
Is this prone or benchrest shooting. Is it most of the day or just a couple hours for the competition shooting? How many rounds should a guy bring for one match? Is there a limit on practice time or rounds?
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