4R Rifle Club Balloon Shoot

Larry Morris

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Nov 20, 2001
Bradley, Oklahoma
Rick Reeves will be hosting the Fall Balloon shoot this weekend September 22, 2007.

I am posting the flyer and maps to the 4R Rifle Club.
The location is between Blanchard, Ok. and Lindsay, Ok.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to call Rick.
He is always happy to help in any way possible.


If coming from Lindsay, Ok. -- Go 11.34 miles North On Highway 76, turn West on Laflin Creek Road (EW 1400 RD) and go 4 miles West to NS2960 -- Go North approx. 3/4 mile and turn West into drive way and follow road.

From Jct. of 39 and 76 (South of Blanchard) - Go 3 3/4 mi. South on Hiway 76 then turn West on Laflin Creek Road.

Can't miss it.


Results of the 4R Rifle Club Balloon Shoot

Sorry for not posting pics sooner.
For those interested in the results of the shoot here goes.
Oh, and I think Dalton Ernst is 14 years old. Made a lot of us older (read elderly) guys look pretty bad.

Rick Reeves (4R Rifle Club Owner) is presenting the awards.

Dalton Ernst - Youth Award

1st Place - Preston Dewolf

2nd Place - Dalton Ernst

3rd Place - Mark Deliua

4th Place - Don Johnson - Not the one on Miami Vice

5th Place - Mark Emmons


Prizes and plaques that were awarded totaled $4700 with some double entries for a total of 65 entries and there were 12 relays.

Plans are already being made for the Spring Shoot on May 10th, 2008. Anyone wanting information for the Spring Shoot – Contact Rick Reeves @ 405-224-3426 or P.O. Box 92, Lindsay, Oklahoma 73052.

This information has also been sent to VHA and hopefully will be published in one of the upcoming issues.
Thanks for the pics larry, if you look real close in the first pic of preston dewoulf you can see my left arm on the left side of the pic, yea thats as close as i get to the trophys anymore:mad::D:D

thanks larry
Who's the guy in the orange t shirt? And are all the roads out there really that straight?

Ok I got another ques which one of you is the tall skinny one and which one favorite color is Orange? That the same shirt you had on when you got the monster magnum put together in?

Only messing with you guys but be nice to know who is who and who needs a new shirt!

And I got the scope and think Im really gonna like this thing!
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BJ always wheres orange and yea that most likely is the same shirt he has on in ALL know photos of him, thing prolly smells like sh!t:eek::D:D

I aint that skinny :D:D

glad you got your scope, let us know how she shoots

take it easy
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