375 snipetac bertram brass


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Feb 12, 2012
Houston Texas
I have 100 rounds of the Bertram 375 CheyTac bass that have been fire formed into 375 SnipeTac. All brass was annealed, primer pocket uniformed, flash hole de-burred and neck turned to get 80+% cleanup on the necks. Neck thickness mics .0125”. 55 of the brass have been fire formed only using the inert filler method. This is evident (see pic) by the still slightly rounded shoulders as compared to the sharp shoulders on the 45 have been fired 2-3 times with a bullet and full power loads. My load was 137gr of Retumbo with the 350gr SMK. This is tough brass and all primer pockets are still tight. Could be further necked down to 338 if you have a 338 SnipeTac or similar. Why selling? When Peterson came out with their 375 brass I bought 100 of them. I’ve got loads worked up with that brass and figured why keep two different brands of brass around. Still got 50 of them unfired and, no more than I shoot, it should last me for a very long time.

FYI – The circular marks very visible of the case heads of the fire formed only brass is from the primer pocket uniformer tool. These are not swipe marks from bolt lift. These marks get mostly ironed out when fired with full pressure loads.

$200 shipped. PayPal F&F or USPS money order.
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