SOLD/EXPIRED 338cal Hammer Hunters 304gr.

Mark L

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Jun 28, 2019
I have a brand new (50) box of 304gr Hammer Hunters that I'm not gonna use.

(Edit) or trade for Berger 30cal 210gr ELD Hunters.

$80 shipped CONUS.
What type of twist rate would this need? Would these work for .338 WM or just Lapua? Thanks.
Barrel twist rate recommendations are for the caliber, not the chambering. So, it would be the for .338 WM or .338 LM. The bullet in question requires 1:8" or faster. Does your .338 WM has the required twist to stabilize the bullet? These bullets are long; do you have OAL for your action to accommodate it? I limit my .338 WM to .225g, Good luck!
I’ll take those please. PM Sent. Let’s see what the 338 Edge thinks of them.
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