.338 lapua moa drops


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May 8, 2011
Hey guys I need some help. What are your drops in moa/yards for your .338lm shooting 300 otm's. I am having problems ejecting brass all of the sudden for the same load/primers/powder etc I have been using the whole time. The bolt closes easy and opens easy, it is just hard to get started pulling back on the bolt??? what I am wondering is if the chrono i was shooting over was way off or something else. My 950yard drop this morning was 20.5 moa out of a 28 tube. How does this moa compare to yours?? I know its not gonna be the same cause of altiude etc, just want a ball park. Is it pressure? action problems? brass problems(lapua brass on the thrid firing)?
There could be two problems I can think of off hand. One is are you neck sizing only or full length sizing your brass? If just neck sizing you may need to run them through a body die. Second I think you may be pushing the pressure level a bit much. What is the load you are using?
I was using 91 grains of h1000 and just got back from trying 85 and still I little stick. I am full length sizing back to factory case deminsion
That is a realistic velocity and come-up for 91 gr of h1000 starting with a 200 yd zero. ..especially at higher altitude.

If you're dialing 20.5 from a 100 yd zero, it might be a little hot.

-- richard
Was dialing 19.75 for 950 with 91 grains. Problem is pulling the bolt back. Closes fine, opens fine but doesn't want to pull back. Read a old post about a shiny ring on the case head and maybe chamber problems but it hasn't always done this. Just started after the third firing from lapua brass
cold be some residual powder residue in the chamber by the neck shoulder areas. Maybe run a swab inside and see if that helps.

Sounds like it could be a bit hot. I don't shoot the Lapua in 338 so not familiar what that round.

Do you see any extractor marks on the case? How flat are the primers?

that would be my $.02
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