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May 31, 2017
Having been down this road I’ll add my experience. Take note it’s my experience. Just 1 guy.
I started my long range hunting with a 300 rum. Remington elk rifle that I add parts and had premiere reticle add dots to my scope for yardage holds. That lasted a few years
Then wanting to improve I bought a 338 edge. Remington based action. 30 inch Rock Creek barrel. I added a Nightforce scope and proceeded to improve my skills and knowledge base. I took a fair number of animals with it. It still holds my personal best long shot on a deer at 1300+ yards.
I used it for about 5 years. Including trips to wyoming. Most of my hunts were horseback orientated then. But a few required hiking. Then I grew to hate packing that damned heavy and brush grabbing thing. That started me on a quest for the perfect hunting rifle
15 years later and countless thousands of dollars spent on builds ive come back to the 338 bore. But in the 338 RBH (338 Norma Mag improved). Pushing a 260 grain pill @3000+fps from a 24 inch carbon wrapped barrel was about as close as I could get to perfect. 10.5 pounds hunt ready. Having used this for 14 hunts now it’s my 338 elk rifle of choice.
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What is your overall length of your cartridge?

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Nov 14, 2013
I’m not a fan of brakes but I’d put a brake on it for sure. How does a 9.5lb 338 that has an aggressive brake handle recoil? I’d like to keep it under 10 pounds scoped if possible.

If you were going to have one 338 which Cartridge would you build?

The APA fat bastard has been the best in our testing - with sub-9-to-10-pound rifles shooting 300' grain bullets at peak velocity it'll be a handful to say the least.

I will also say a well-designed stock really helps yield good results. Manners EH1 has worked well for us in this department.

I cannot stress enough - It takes a lot of discipline and recoil management to shoot a sub 9-10 pound 338 effectively running 300's around 2900 FPS! You can pound rocks all day (which is great fun!!) However, when shooting paper with these lighter boomers it's amazing how quick a 338 will show you your shooting errors- it keeps ya honest :)

You'll be within 25-75 FPS with all 3 (338 RUM, EDGE & Lapua) I would base my decision off attainable components and which action I was building off of (Edge really does well with a 4-inch box). In my own personal experiences, there isn't one out of those 3 that really stand out among the rest.
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