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Nov 18, 2008
Hello, I read somewhere on here that hornady was going to be doing an a-max in 338, but it may have just been a joke or rumor? I was wondering if there is any truth to it. Also, wondering if scenars do the same thing as smk's and are constructed relatively the same. And next question, do people have better luck with accubond or interbonds? in the 225 or even 250 range for the accubond? also read about some of the aluminum tipped bullets but they seem to be expensive or hard to find? do not know too much about them

thanks for any responses
Take this with a grain of salt but I too have heard this same thing about a 300ish .338 A-Max. I could find no information about such a bullet other than heresay. Unsatisfied with the amount of information, or lack there of, I called Hornady myself and this is what they told me.

The bulletsmith I talked to said he knew nothing about any production 300gr ish .338 bullet. I say 300ish only because in all the talk of this bullet I have heard it is supposed to be 290-308gr. He did say some of "their" shooters had made some custom .338 bullets but there was nothing in the works to make these production bullets.

I have talked to other, non Hornady employee, people and they were positive Hornady was in fact working on a 300ish .338. This is simply what I was told when I called Hornady myself about 2 months ago.

I'm hoping I talked to the guy that cleans the bathroom and only tried to pass himself off as a Tech and that there really is a 300gr AMAX ready for release any day.
thanks, yes, i was not sure if it was at all reliable. for what i do, an expanding type bullet is much better than a straight smk or something like that. i am worried about closer shots, i hunt in pa, and the way i hunt and what is available to hunt long range, there is also close shots.
Also, wondering if scenars do the same thing as smk's and are constructed relatively the same.

The answer is no in both cases. GG did some major testing with both ant the Scenars will not expand.
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