SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Berger 250 otm and elite hunter


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Oct 9, 2009
Pottsville, ky
I have 4 unopened 100rd boxes of berger 250gr otm tactical hybrids as well as 1 unopeneId box of 100 berger 250 gr elite hunter hybrids, which is the exact same bullet just with a thinner jacket for rapid expansion on game, and from my reloading experience you can load them interchangeably and they will shoot exactly the same. Same point of impact and will even group together if you mix them in with the otms while shooting. Makes it handy to be able to practice with the otm and save your hunting bullets for actual hunting. I also have a partial box of the elite hunters.

400 unopened berger 250gr tactical otm hybrid
100 unopened berger 250gr elite hunter hybrid
55 opened berger 250gr elite hunter hybrid

total 555 bullets $350 or best offer might trade for 285 AMAX
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