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308 Husquvarna Target Rifle Owned by Jim Carmichel


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Jan 26, 2015
Received this photo from gunwriter Jim Carmichel who wants to sell it. He's owned it since the 70s. We're finding out the caliber and a model number if possible. It's obviously a target rifle, and looks like it has blocks for the older target scopes like Unertls. Anyone have any ideas as to what it is and its value?

From Jim Carmichel:

"Caliber is .308. Original barrel has been shot very few times. Model was offered only a few years, probably only two or three. I still have the original catalog it was listed in. My second stock was made by Fajen, with shorter butt dimensions, which I had made for my young son. Also have another barrel, made by Paul Marquart with slower twist for shooting cast bullets. The target style stock was designed by P.J. Wright a target shooter/custom stockmaker in Nevada, who made the prototype, plus a few more. His name is stamped in inletting on early ones like mine. Collectors consider the "stamped" rifles more desirable, I was told. The action is a natural for the high power rapid-fire courses because it is so slick. The one-piece receiver rear sight base includes clip slots for rapid fire loading."

Jim C.
I'm sure Jim would be willing to provide a letter of provenance with the rifle as well.
Are you asking for a valuation or trying to sell?
Jim wants to sell the rifle. I'm up on prices for more modern rifles, but am unfamiliar with this one or its value. I'll forward any offer to him.
Set a price and see if it sells. Setting the value of the gun itself shouldn't be that hard. The provenance adds a premium, what that number is will be settled by the market.
Thanks, Nathan. I help a lot of folks sell guns they no longer need.