.308 Green Machine at 800+

Guy M

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Jun 4, 2007
Chelan Co, Washington
Nothing fancy, same Rem 700 in .308 that I've been shooting for 14 years. A few barrels and one new stock later anyway... Went out to the range this morning. After a little warmup on the 300 yard range, I dialed in 23 MOA of elevation & 2 MOA left windage. Went prone with the sling looped around my upper arm, held hard and cut loose. Sure is satisfying to hear the distant clang when the bullet strikes the gong out there a bit beyond 800 yards. Very satisfying...

Camera zoomed in on the gong:

The Green Machine .308, still at it after all these years:

Regards, Guy
Guy, 308 it's a great cartridge. I've got one in an M1A-man can it shoot. Very nice shooting and a nice looking rig.
+1 from my end. :)
I love my .300 RUM but my go to is still the .308
Rem 700 VSF .308 H.S. Precision Pro tactical Adj comb and butt. Leupold MK4 6.5X20 TMR
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