300WM build


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Nov 11, 2008
Here is what I have come up with that I want for a first serious long range hunting rig. I want to shoot heavier bullets (likley Berger 210 VLD) for 600-800 yd + at initially whitetail, hogs and elk.

Krieger barrel, 1 in 10 twist, 26", #3 contour
Badger thruster brake
Badger Recoil lug
Rem 700 long action, blueprinted
Harris Bipod
HS Precision M24
Karsten cheek piece
Timney Trigger
NightForce 5.5-22x50 or 56, NP-R1

Now, here are the questions I have for the guys out there hunting all the time, or at least on occasion. What do you see about this set up that you would change and why?

Will the 300 WM take the game that I have listed at the distances that I have stated, or do I need to step up to a 300 RUM. I would think a well placed shot with the 300WM would be enough.

I am curious if I would benefit from a longer barrel length or is 26" going to get it done. Also, do you recommend a different contour.

Do you recommend the HS Precision bottom metal or is there a better choice for this application? What are your feelings on a detachable box for this?

Let me say that I am not concerned about the final overall weight of the rifle, but expect that it should stay under 13 lbs, but this is not critical. I thought about going ahead and biting the bullet (no pun intended) and getting Defensive Edge to set me up with the 338 Edge, but I think that is just too much of a round for what I am looking at doing right now. I do hope to progress to this before too long though.
I’m building a 300WM also trying to end up with a medium weight long range carry rifle. After many discussions with the smith I settled for a #5 contour Brux barrel which is the same contour as the Krieger. A #3 contour is pretty thin so you might want to discuss that with your smith.

For what you want to do you don’t need a 300 RUM.
Unless the published data for 300 win mag, 300 wby mag and 300 RUM are incorrect you won't gain much if anything by choosing the latter two. The 300 win mag seems to really shine and equalize the three calibers shooting 200 grain bullets.
I'm personally waiting until after the first of the year to see what Savage comes out with. Another couple months and I'll know. Right now my chambering of choice is the 300 win mag.
That helps. I have ventured out and looked into other calibers, but I keep coming back to the 300WM. Think I will just stick with that and leave it alone.

The barrel that I am thinking about is listed as the Rem Varmint on Krieger's site. The muzzle diameter is .830.
I wanted a RUM bad, but the more I've researched I keep coming back to the 300 win mag. I will only shoot 200 grainers with whatever I end up with if it's a 30 caliber. Also have been looking at the 7 WSM as well. I've got a few months to settle in and make up my mind. Already have the scope ready to go. For now I'll just sit back and keep doing my homework.
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