.300 WSM


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Jun 15, 2001
Yes, it is an interesting cartridge, but I won't be displeased in the least if it becomes ragingly popular, as then poor people like me can afford the brass easier.
As for the thought of a 6.5, well...the thought seems appealing--I always wanted to try the .257 Wby mag in 6.5, mostly bescause the selection of .25 caliber bullets suck.


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Jun 8, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Has anyone laid eyes on the new .300 WSM cartridge?

I wouldn't buy one of the lightweight rifles from Winchester chambered for this cartridge if Winchester paid me but the cartridge itself is VERY interesting.

It physically looks like a 6BR that ate too many Weaties.

If 6BR performance is scalable to .30 cal then the .300 WSM has the potential to be a very accurate cartridge. It is stumpy and fat with a fairly sharp shoulder angle. Like a big BR case.

If I was to build a rifle on this case I think I would Ackley it to get every ounce of capacity possible. It might also be worthwhile shoving the shoulder angle out a bit as well.

I can't decide if this case would be better as a 6.5 or a .30. Regardless one would have to use VLD bullets for maximum range.

The only thing I find distressing about this cartridge is that every goon hunter on the planet is going to have to have one simply because it is the newest "bad boy" magnum on the market.

The fact that not one in 10,000 will use it to harvest game beyond 200 yards being secondary to the macho brag-factor.

Peter Cronhelm

Kirk Kelso

Jun 1, 2001
Tucson, AZ

My wife and I, just recently spent a long weekend in California visiting with Craig Boddington and his wife. While we were there, Craig and I did some pig hunting, and Craig had one of the new .300 WSM for me to use. It is really an interesting round. We shot it at the range, and it performed very well, and it absolutly pounded a 252lb pig at about 325 yards.

I think Winchester has a winner.

Kirk Kelso
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