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    Jul 18, 2010
    Dear guys,
    since this is the best forum all around the world (not kidding) of reliable experts studying the best possible reloads, I would like to dedicate a thread for sharing reloads for a very nice caliber: 300wsm, and one of the best rifles as "buck paid for accuracy" around: tikka t3 and sako 75 (85)

    Here is my best reload for a sako 75 300 wsm, I invite owners of sako 's or tikka 's in 300 wsm to post also their best reloads, in particular it would be interesting to know how berger vlds perform i these rifles (I just ordered a box of 185 graines for testing and will let you know the results soon)

    case: norma (shot max 4 times)
    primer: federal 215 GMM
    powder: 71 gr vihtavori n560
    bullets: 178gr hornady amax
    OAL: 2,95 inches (it will not fit the magazine, single shot loading required)
    velocity: 2960 f/s
    accuracy: 0.25-0.3 MOA 3 shots at 100 meters (109 yards)

    comments: please note that the listed reload works very well in winter, but in summer time it is very temperature sensitive and load should be reduced to 69,5-70 gr. Depending on temperature a variation of 0,5 gr can lead to much wider groups (from 0,3 to 0,7-0,8 MOA). At 500 yards you can expect 4-5 inches groups