300 WSM popularity??


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Nov 16, 2012
If its a nice rifle at a good price with decent glass then just get it!

People spend to much time splitting hairs like 'mine will shoot 180gr's @ 3300fps' or 'mine fits in a short action'

I have a 270 & I recently bought my 1st 300wsm because I wanted something in 30cal & had more potential down range energy than a .308

I bought it knowing factory ammo is ridiculously priced here in Aus but I reload so that cool by me.
Even Norma brass here(which is what I would call minimum quality) is like $145 for 50 cases!
I just wish Lapua would start making WSM cases!!

You guys have the best of everything available to you at a very cheap price so your very lucky!

If we all stuck with .223/.243/270/.308/30-06 it would be a boring old world with not much to talk about ;)


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Jun 12, 2019
Tell him to check out the .325 WSM. I had one and loved it. But the 300 WSM is a fantastic cartridge, and is only around 50 fps behind the old school Winnie. The only complaint I ever see about them is the rebated rim. Which I don't see why that is an issue. Maybe if a case gets stuck, it can't hold it as tight?
Although we are both off topic I love the 325wsm. I own two and have to say they shoot great! Besides, converting them to 300wsm(if need be) would be simple. And yes, from what I've heard the 300wsm is a fantastic cartridge. Considering I built a gun collection as a form of supporting the 2nd Amndmnt., I am easy to please when it comes to owning another rifle(lol). As long as I can shoot a 3" group at 200 yards offhand(on good days-lol), or sub MOA supported, I am happy. Of course it has to handily drop any quarry I hit.

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