300 Win Mag vs 300 WSM


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Oct 7, 2003
Lizton, IN
I'm finally able to foresee getting a long range (or moderately so) rig in the near future, and I'm trying to decide on a caliber.
I've settled on a .30, and I want to be able to get factory ammo if need be. The Win Mag is about as heavy as I want to get on recoil, as a brake is a no-no. I'm looking at a Sendero in 300 Win Mag or a 700 VS (I think that's right!) in 300 WSM.
What are the key advantages/disadvantages between these two cartridges? I've heard the Win Mag cases are hard to resize. I'm mainly going to be target shooting out to 1000 yards but may also hunt with it.
I can tell you that I love my 300 WM Sendero. That round will be around forever. Mine shoots sub MOA out of the box, (with a trigger job). You and I differ on the brake though. I think my Ops Inc. brake is awesome. My Sendero recoils either the same or even a bit less than my Rem VS 700 .308. I only notice the additional noise if someone else is shooting my gun and I'm out to the side. By the way the Sendero comes with an awesome recoil pad. It might be LimbSaver.
I never really noticed the recoil on the .300WinMag Sendero (that I used to own) unless I was shooting 180gr's or larger from the bench. I mostly shot the 150/165's for targets and whitetails. The rifle was very accurate after tightening/torquing the action screws and lightening the trigger. Good rifle, good caliber.
The Remington Sendero is available in their version of the "short magnums" (short action ultra mags. The list of calibers can be obtained on their website (www.remington.com). Good luck. Johnny K.
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