300 Win Mag brass


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Jul 17, 2001
Walla Walla, WA
Which brand of brass do you all prefer? Why? What are the differences between Remington, Winchester, Norma, Federal etc? Which is softer, thereby not allowing as high a pressure? Which has the greatest capacity? I am planning on having my rifle rebarreled to 300 Win Mag and wonder which brand of brass I should use. Also I plan to have the chamber throated long so that I can utilize my 3.6" magazine. I hope to have it throated so that the bullet will be touching the lands at an overall cartridge length of about 3.5" instead of the normal 3.34". I expect this will allow a bit higher velocity. With a 26" barrel and the barrel throated long what velocity range should I expect with 180 and 200 grain bullets? I was getting 3000 fps with the moly-coated 200 Nosler in my old 24" standard 300 Win Mag which I know was faster than most. I do not plan to shoot moly bullets in this new barrel. Thanks, Rufous.
Of those you list, Norma is very weak and prone to expanding in the case head at pressures that other cases would stand. It is a shame as Norma is otherwise excellent brass. In 300 Win I find the RWS to be excellent. Remington is not very consistent from the testing that I have seen. In other calibres I have found Win brass to be good, though there is plenty of room for improvement. I would only use Win brass if Lapua of RWS cases were not offered (and, no unfortunately Lapua does not offer 300 Win brass, or much else in belted magnum).

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