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Mar 8, 2012
I used my 300 ossm and my Remington 30 ar to harvest 1 buck and 4 does and a javalina in texas. These ar's a great for hunting.


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I used my 300 ossm and my Remington 30 ar to harvest 1 buck and 4 does and a javalina in texas. These ar's a great for hunting.

The 30ossm is on par with 30.06? Correct or am i mistaken? I thought about the 25 wssm, 30 ossm and .30 Ar when I finally decided on the Grendel. Tell me about both, max distance, limits etc...by the way nice deer and javelina. The javelina is stricly game and isnt eaten?
THE 300 OSSM is similar to the 06, I have shot out to 600 yrds with it. It shots about a grapefruit size group out there, I am sure it could do better. I have only loaded 2 handloads for it 130 gr and a 150. I think this is the best all around ar for me. The remington 30 ar is great no recoil, it shoots very well under 1-1/2" at 200 yrds. With a 130 gr handload it is a great deer gun out 300 yrds. you can shoot 150's very accurate also about 2" at 200. I like them both wouldn"t hesitate to use them for Elk on down to varmints. The javalina is very edible, we de-bone them then par boil in pickleing spice or dry salsa mix. After that shred the meat for taco's, burritos or barbaque.
I always thought the Javelinas were little pigs or something similar to it but I was watching one of my hunting shows and the guy said they didnt eat them and i thought omyself thats a waste. I thought I mustve misunderstood. Sounds like the 30 OSSM will reach way out there as I had assumed.
Yep, I believe it's a shooter. I guess some folks don't like to reload, it is a necessity with the 300 ossm. I quess the javalina is it's own species, some say it related to the pig others say it is a rodent. Here in arizona they say it
is its own. They are a ton of fun to hunt!
I have heard that the 30 RAR with a 125 grain Nosler BT is some strong deer medicine out the the 200 yard line. I'm just afraid I won't be able to find enough brass. Anyway
looks like you had a good day.

great job
The brass isn't out there. Remington did'nt support it, which is to bad. I got all mine from buying loaded ammo I bought a couple of cases of 150 gr and 123 mc. I never could find the 125 anywhere. I think they missed out on this one, it is accurate and no recoil. The 110 tsx at 3000 is right there with the 243 at normal ranges. Unfortunatley in light of the Conn. tragedy looks like the Freedom group is going to unload all their AR manufacturing (Dpms Remington etc). Which will probably mean no ammo or brass.
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