30" barreled 338 Edge for sale...who wants it?


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Dec 26, 2010
Serious buyers only - please PM me with an offer.

This is a bolt action 30" Hart barreled 338 Edge built by DE. It currently has 450 rds down the barrel running 300 gr. Elite Hunters at 2850 mid to high single digit ES with H-1000 - targets and numbers to prove it. This can be run single shot or as a repeater.

I have to agree with many and say it one of the best LR calibers known for hunting and can make believers out of skeptics when it stomps Elk well past 1100 yards - which is the reason I had it built and my experience can back that claim up on several occasions. I have also taken it out past 2800+ yards just because lol. That said, PLEASE PM me and we can go over the details of ADG brass/Redding FL type S bushing die set and reload data.

PLEASE REVIEW build sheet for costs and PM me with an offer. Asking 2900 obo

I'm confident, if we agree on a price, you will be a very happy 338 Edge owner.



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