3 stands 2 coyotes


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Jun 22, 2011
New Mexico
I finally had time to sit down and call a few stands for coyotes. I was using a a25-06 with 115 gr berger because that is what I had loaded up. My dedicated coyote rifle (6.5 Grendel AR) doesn't have a scope on it right now so I went with the 25-06. I just usually go about 1/4 to a 1/2 mile east of west of my house and set up for an evening on one or two stands. On the first day, the first stand was a bust. I then road my ATV about a 1/2 mile east of my house and set up in the corner of a large open field. I called using a Predator Quest "Ruffidawg Coaxer". I was doing the jackrabbit in distress for about 15 mins and nothing was coming so I switched to a pup in distress call. About 5 minutes later a coyote pup coming running out of the opposite end of the field and stopped. I coaxed him to about 120 yards with a light calling of a rabbit in distress. I put the crosshairs right on his head and squeezed the trigger. Head shot at 120 yds with a 115 gr berger is not a pretty site so I turned the coyote over on the other side to take the picture.


The next day, I went out in the evening and set up about 1/2 mile further east than I did the previous day. I called for about 15 minutes using a rabbit in distress call. I was sitting on level ground so but I could see about 100 yards in all directions. What I didn't expect was for a coyote pup to run in line with a bush that was about 20 yards in front of me. Lets just say that it was a shock to my system when the coyote popped out from behind that bush. I got my gun up to my shoulder and he started to take off. He got about 15 yards before I put the 115 gr berger in him. End of story for him.


3 stands over a period of 2 evenings. Pretty good odds so far.

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