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  • I used to shoot a factory Remmy Varmint in 243 and it would shoot well under 1/2 MOA with 55 grainers. It can still shoot well even ten years later. I have two 243 WSSMs that I shoot and both have 1:10 and they shoot the 55 - 87 grainers quite well. I also have a 6mm SPC with 1:10 and it shoots the 55 grainers into one ragged hole.
    Thanks Greg. I figured as much on the 75 grain bullets.

    My choice on the 1:12 twist is based on extensive ballistics research, a discussion I had with Dan Llija, and talking to a few folks at competitons.

    It should handle anything up to 85 grains but I was looking to get the finest degree of accuracy from bullets in the 70 and 75 grain category. The bonus is that it should handle the 55 grain bullets you recommend much better than the 1:9.25 that is currently screwed into the action.

    If that turns out not to be the case, I'll be the first to admit I went down a primrose path; albeit an EXPENSIVE primrose path :>)

    Thanks again. Since we live half way between Hot Springs and Fort Smith, my wife and I frequently come up to Fort Smith (bought my newest camera from Befords up there). Maybe I'll run in to you at one of the gun shops.

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