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SOLD/EXPIRED 3 awesome guns


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Dec 6, 2011
Vandergrift PA
My excitement and over spending is your gain possibly. I was at an auction over the weekend and spent WAY WAY to much on guns. I always buy and trade and sale but this time I spent way to much. some of this stuff I gotta keep but I just can't afford to keep them all so some gotta get re-sold. putting 3 up for sale:
*Mac 10 in .45 ACP looks to be unfired and comes with (fake surpressor) has 5 mags 4 still in original packaging. this is a 1981 pre ban and since it looks unfired I would like $2000

*Marlin 1895 centenial 45-70 fully engraved
Looks to be NIB and is just a cool gun, can't beat the wood on this thing. Asking $1500

*Sako L 61R in 416 Remington
Gun is NIB and BEAUTIFUL, to the best I can find this is a custom caliber that wasn't a standard option for this gun has box papers and all with it. because it's so unique I am asking $3000 for this one.

I would be willing to make someone a package price if they wanted to scoop them all up



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more pictures


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