280 rem case length


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Oct 5, 2012
I have recently put together a 280 and so far I've shot some factory and some hand loads. Nothing impressive on the range yet, but my concern is my spent case lengths are shorter than diagram specs which is 2.540". My cases are measuring about 2.535", Norma and other random factory. My norma cases were brand new and I forget my beginning length, but had to be less than the 2.54".

I am currently working on RL-17 loads, but have yet to have a sub-moa group w/ 168gr bergers. I've used 51-55gr, no signs of pressure on the high end. I have been working about .013 off the lands which I didn't know and will work closer to lands.

Anyone w/ any experience or suggestions? Should I be running RL 19 or 22 with the heavier bullets?? This is my first build and work up on loads.. all help is appreciated.

Trim to length is 2.530 so your still ok there

You might try imr 4350 or H 4831
Twist is 1:9 24" criterion light varmint barrel. Right now I have a savage "trash" stock. My mcmillan was inlayed wrong so I'm waiting in its return.

I put this together to hunt and play around on the long range.
Don't worry about the length, just keep them under max. Something I have come to believe on powder is, when in doubt, go slower.
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