.270 Winchester load


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Mar 30, 2008
Huntsville AL
Has anyone worked up loads for .270 WIn for Berger 140gr hunting VLDs?
I have some loads running at 2770 average that are grouping about .5 inch at 100 yards using 47gr of RL 15.

I am waiting for my Huskmaw to show up. I want to work up a load to work way out yonder!
I don't run the 140s but I'd try some RL22, WXR, and or some H4831sc. You should be able to get a good bit more velocity out of your 270 and keep the accuracy too. I'm running the 150s about 3000fps and there's another fella on here running them about 3200. He's got a screw or two loose, but I don't believe he'll miss this thread.
I have some RL 22 in the cabinet. I would like to get the velocity up to the 3000-3100 fps range.
I want the find THE load and stick with it.
Previously I used 56 grains of RL-19, wasn't bad, and 55.5 grains of RL-22, recently I tried RL-17 wasn't bad I loaded 53 grains of it
Imr 4831 works well with 140 gr. Hornady sst. This bullet has the best ballistics according to hornadys calculator. It runs about 2900 fps. This is not a max load for Imr 4831.
[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif].270 Bullets:
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.487 Berger 140 gr VLD
[/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif]Ballistic Coefficient: 0.495 Hornady 140 gr SST
[/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif]Ballistic Coefficient: 0.456 Nosler Ballistic tip [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif]
All are excellent bullets.

Thanks for the input.

I use 63 grains of H-1000 ahead of Fed 210 primers in Win cases

I realy like H-1000
Send an email to Mr. Berger with some specs about your rifle and he will send you a chart of loads. He has given me lots of info for multiple rifles including my 270 win.
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Not my thread, but thank you guys!!!
Very valuable information for me, as I am 270 lover.
Will be trying some of these charges soon.
Great to know the BC of the Hornady 140gr SST.
In knowing that Bergers seem to shoot better when jammed into the lands, has anyone been able to do so and still have the rounds feed from a magazine?
I'm currently using 150 gr VLD's (.531 BC) in front of 60gr of H4831SC with 215M primers. This gives me about 3000fps out of a stock 24" tube on a rem700.

Good luck
54.5 gr of H4350, FED210 primers, 140 Accubond at 3.330 OAL shooting small groups in my rifle and two of my buddies rifles.

If you have some H4350 it may work for 140 Bergers too ...

You may be able to get a bit more velocity with H4831SC, but this load is working so good I have no reason to try anything else.
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