270 Weatherby Cartridge overall length


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Jun 9, 2005
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Soon I will be working up a load for a mod 70 win I'm having made up in 270 WBY. I want to shoot a 130 gr-- thinkin accubond or Interbond. In the meantime I have 130 gr SSt's for breakin and practice (cheaper) yotes, etc. I have all the usual suspects for powders 25,22,7828, tumbo, magnum, etc. My question is " Is there a sweet spot for the 270 wby on oal?" reason I ask is how weird it is that alot of 257 wbys are more accurate with a shorter OAL than one would think prudent. Both of mine are anyway. I kind a view the sweet spot for the 257 to be 3.150 to 3.250 depending on the bullet used. The gun will have a saami chamber and throat. I shoot barnes tsx's in the 257's so I kinda want to stay with a sleek bonded core with this one if possible. Any loads would be appreciated also. Don't worry. I work up my loads from below for "MY GUN".
My .270 Weatherby is in a Ruger No.1 so I was not bound by magazine length. I found I could load the bullet WAYYY out there and still be far enough from the lands with the free bore and gain some case capacity. If your barrel has the free bore I would load them to the maximum length the magazine allows and start working up loads from there.
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