270 Starting Load?

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Jul 4, 2009
Newnan, Ga
I just received some IMR 7828 SSC for my .270 Win. Does anybody have a recommended starting load? The data I have from Berger does not include any loads for 7828.

I'll be using Win brass w/ 215M primers and Berger 150gr VLD's. I'll be seating at OAL of 2.860" from the ogive to the base of the brass. This produces .050" of jump which is where I've had previous success with these bullets and H4831SC. I will be using a match FL sizer die to push the shoulders back to about .0035" longer than the spec for .270 Win.

I'm shooting a factory Rem 700 w/ 24in barrel. I would guess somewhere around 55 grains would be a good place to start, but wanted another opinion before I take a guess in the dark. As far as I know this powder has a similar burn rate to H4831SC, which has a max load of about 60gr in my rifle.

The best place to find load data is go to the powder makers web site. Do a search for IMR powders go to the site and you will find a section on load data.
Start with 53 grains of it, do not exceed 58 gr... Although you might be able to pack 59 gr compressed....
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