SOLD/EXPIRED 26.5" Shilen Fluted w/Holland QD Brake in .308 Lazzeroni Patriot

edward hogan

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May 7, 2003

Here is a fantastic barrel setup for Rem 700. Shilen match grade stainless in light varmint contour with 8 flutes. Chambered for the 7.82 Lazzeroni Patriot, superb short .30 magnum. Fitted with matching stainless Holland Quick Discharge muzzlebrake. Barrel is 25+ inches to crown, 26.5" with brake attached.

Crown and brake threads perfect. Receiver threads perfect. Rifling as new hardly fired. Has 1:10 twist to handle heavy bullets. Great opportunity to work with an established round that has brass and loading dies readily available from Lazzeroni arms.

Read about the .308 Patriot here: Lazzeroni Factory Load Information

Barrel is guaranteed to be excellent and as described or moneyback less shipping.
$275 shipped.
email me at [email protected] if you want pix.


ETA: For purposes of clarity, THIS BARREL IS THREADED FOR REMINGTON 700 RECEIVERS. YOU WILL NEED A .582 BOLTFACE FOR THE PATRIOT. If you are thinking about a necked down .338 Norma, this ctg is your ticket...
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