Dave King

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May 3, 2001

Welcome to the site as an active poster.

I don't recall ever talking with anyone shooting a 25 caliber on a 284 case. Darryl or Steve would certainly have more experience with 25 caliber rifles than I would, I'm sure they'll mention something.

Welcome to the long range crowd and I'm sure you'll enjoy it and the confidence it brings. As a word of caution... don't mention shooting long range to too many folks right in the beginning, you'll probably get some mighty negative feedback, it's not a pleasant experience.

Another Long Range shooter, a good friend of mine has a 25/284. I shoot with him a lot and his 25/284 is almost a duplicate of my 25/06 as far as loads and velocities are, they both have 26" to 27" Hart barrels (10" twist). Both rifles shoot 108 VLD JLKs real good. I shot a 5-shot 7" group with mine @ 1022 yds, with the 108 VLDs, with 54 grH4831, velocity 3150 fps, from a 200 yd zero bullet only dropped 248", which is very flat for a 25 cal. JLK said he never figured out the BC for this bullet but it was around .500, I believe it might be a little higher. I think you will have difficulty reaching 3500 fps with 100 gr bullets, but please let me know how you make out.

Do any of you shoot a 25x284? I'm about to have one built and hope to shoot GS Custom 100 gr about 3500 fps. I'm looking for some info/data on the round.

I've been "just a reader" on the site for some time because I'm just now getting into reloading and long range (to me) shooting. I've started punching paper out to 400 yards and I'm getting addicted to it. Even better my boys are getting into it also.
i have one on hand and use it alot had one built in 94 rem short 28 inch kreiger shot 100gr bt 56.5 r22 just touching lands my go to load 15 yrs latter still dropping yotes up here in alberta like crasy u will not be dissapoined with your build i,m sure regards Tedgun)gun)
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