257 stw 100 gr barnes X


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Mar 7, 2010
I am brand new at posting but have read a lot of post on here.
I have recently purchased and 257 stw and have shot most of the 115 gr balasitc tip that were sent with my rifle. I am wanting to shoot a 100 gr barnes X out of it but when getting the overall length the same as my current round 3.56", the barnes bullet doesn't completing cover all of the seat rings.

My question is does anyone have a pic of a loaded bullet with this round or can someone offer me some advice before I begin?

First, they are different bullets an require different seating depths. Your 115's probably shoot best .010 to .020 off touching the lands. The Barnes need to be at least .050 from the lands. I don't know what freebore length your chamber has, but if it requires the Barnes to be1 or two grooves out of the case(highly unlikely) it shouldn't matter Just make sure you give the Barnes that .050 start and you will like how they shoot. They will do 3660 out of my 257 Wby while shooting into less than .350.
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