SOLD/EXPIRED 25-06, Ruger M77 Mk II Target Grey


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May 21, 2009
This rifle is in excellent condition, both metal and wood. With this rifle, I fired a total of two shots to get on paper, and then, a 4-shot 100 yard group (117g Hornady Interlock HPBT; 58.0g Magnum; Fed 205), which measured ~.637". Last summer, I purchased this rifle used, intending to have it re-chambered to .257 Weatherby. Included are the factory med high rings but not the scope seen in the photo. A set of Lee dies and an older Ruger long action sporter stock came with this rifle and will be included. I'm selling this and other rifles just to take the sting out of some bills. I am asking only what I paid for the rifle, which was $500.00 plus actual shipping. If the photo doesn't come up, please pm me with your email and I'll send some your way. [email protected]