243WSM anyone got 1? Pro's &Con's??


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Jun 4, 2009
I am think about building a 243WSM for a coyote killin machine. Plan on gettin a Savage action and going from there. I would like to shoot 55 grainers. Suppose to be BLISTERING fast!!! Just wondering if anyone has one and what they think about it?

Also does any of the factory gun companys make them or they just a build it yourselfer?

One other question, I want a rifle with a medium varmit contour similar to the Savage predator. Like a 20 or 22in. medium heavy barrel. Trying to keep it packable. What brand of barrel would y'all reccommend?
Thanks for any help!!!
Don't know about the WSM, but according to the Nosler website, you can get the 55 gr Ballistic tips going over 3900 fps with a "regular" 243 Win.
I have a 243 wsm in a AR15. The Lower is a Rock
River and the upper is olympia arms. I like and I shoot 55 graniners they are good and shoot well. The AR shoots 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups at 100 yds. If you want a bolt action I would get a Savage with the appropriate bolt face and put a Pac Nor barrel in 243WSM.
I built a 25WSM and love it. I think it borders on overkill, but case forming is easy and it really shoots great. The 243 version would REALLY be overkill, but should be easy to do. A 6mmAI would probably be pretty close in performance. I just neck down and trim 270WSM brass.
I have a 6mm WSM it will push a 105vld 3550fps easily. Barrel life is short I've got 450 down the barrel and still shoots great. It's really impressive.
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