243 brass. CHEAP. $150 shipped for 656 pieces

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    Apr 16, 2008
    I have the following items for sale.

    - 364 pieces Starline once fired and has been deprimed and stainless tumbled. Same lot as the rest. Fired in two different AI barrels about 40-50 in one and the rest in the other but both headspace dimensions were identical. $110 shipped via USPS priority flat rate.

    - 292 pieces misc 243. All deprimed, SS tumbled and sorted/bagged by headstamp. 130 pieces of Hornady 1x fired, 100 pieces of Winchester 1x fired, and 62 pieces of GFL (fiocchi) 1x fired. About half of the fiocchi was sized up to 260 and fired in a 260 chamber. $75 shipped which is $.27/pc and free shipping.

    Package deal $150 shipped for everything.

    NO TRADES. Everything else has been sold.