223 in Remington or Savage.


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Nov 12, 2004
Ithaca, NY
I want to put together a modestly, but realistically priced "long range" 223 caliber rifle. Something I can shoot to 600 yards, maybe more.

I was considering a Remington 700 BDL in 223 or a Savage (any model).

Any good ideas or helpful hints as to which is better and why are welcome!
Yogi...I have seen alot of 223's Savage and Rem at Ground Hog target shoots (100,300 and 500 yard) here in Pa.Both seem to do well.But the Savage has the edge I think for accuracy and affordabilty...JMO...

I would suggest a savage 12bvss, but if your going out to that range, i would go a to a little bigger caliber, such as a 243, but if your dead set on a .224 caliber, go up to the 22-250, you'll need all the speed you can get for those heavy bullets.
Contact Longshot 300, he has a Savage heavy barrel for sale that groups .25 inch at 100. He purchased a Winchester Coyote that is a little lighter and he really likes it. He want some other rifles so doesn't want to keep more than a couple .223's. I know he was asking under $500 for it with the scope and other accessories. He has a post on Prairie deer shoot 2004, and you should be able to get his email address there. If your interested that is.
As noted a larger caliber might be better for 600. BUT I've shot 223 with heavy bullets and iron sights at 600 to 1000 for so long now (in an AR to boot) that I know its very possible. I've seen out state championships at 1000 won with that 223 and 80s. I've seen it won with 223 and 90s. So its workable. Long barrel life, cheap to shoot. Take the savage and replace the barrel with a fast twist and you are ready to roll.

My personal thoughts are that if I'm gonna go bigger, go to a 6.5x284 or 7mm wsm right away. The in betweens don't impress me much. Though the 6.5 Grendel with a long barrel should be awful tough as an in between round.
wow. Thanks guys so far. The input is food for thought. The reason I am pretty set on the 223 is I already have a 243 and a 300WinMag and I want to relaod for the 223 and develop the 223 round to as far as I can take it... Plus, I shot the 223 in the Marine Corp and was deeply impressed with what I could do with Iron sites to 500 yards, and well now that I am in my 40's I want to Renew my lets call it kinship to the 223... so, as you can see it will be the 223, and yes I really appreciate the advice so far and will follow up on all leads and ideas presented...

Please keep the cards and letters coming. I am into this 223 development... I have a feeling I may end up developing two rifles... and that is okay. So, any additional ideas are welcome.

If you can get it anymore, all you need is LC brass to work with. Its allowed me wins on the 1000 yard line. And since you know some about military shooting, I've shot up to 200-17x at 600 with irons/AR service rifle.

I have had quite a few 223 bolt action rifles over the years and my favorite to date is the CZ 527. at least something to consider.
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I really like my LH Savage .223. Its great lil economical and well made pea shooter that will prolly go to 600 yrds but I just WISH it had a bit more barrel length. Now that big game season is over I hope to get up to Canon City and do some really long range shooting with it and my 7mm Rem Mag one of these weeks. Good luck on your purchase.
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