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Nov 29, 2012
Like the title says I am in the market for a 22-250 for my wife. She is a fan of the ruger m77 and the Remington 700 and would love a BDL like the rest of us. Going to a gun show t s weekend to sell a couple of guns to free up funds. Wife is right handed. Just looking to see what is out there right now thanks
Take a Look a the Bergara Ridge 22/250.
Very Nice Stock.
Excellent Trigger.
24 inch Barrel.
5/8x24 Threaded Muzzle for Suppressor
BDL Bottom metal.
R700 Clone Action, cycles Smooth as Silk.
Light Weight Rifle (for the Wife and Us Walking Varmint Hunters).
The Bergara Rifle is Everything a Older Nice Remington use to Be!
The new Remingtons are just not as Nice.
Mine shoots the 50gr Noslers, 65grain GameKings and the 80 Bergers ALL in 1/2" Groups at 100yds From the Bench.-
Grab-A-Gun on-Line Sells them $700-800 NIB.
Tikka has their T3x with an 8 twist also. Just make sure it says R8 at the end of the model number.
I have an original Christensen Arms carbon fiber with a detachable mag if interested, PM me
morning. I have a Ruger new 22-250 thumb safety,
varmint special for sale. $550. justme gbot tum
Got a remington xr 100 tac driver 22 250 with a 20 power leaupold for sale. Only reason I am Selling built a 22 250 ai

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