22-250 brass


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Apr 13, 2015
Gulf Coast Texas
I’m not having a lot of luck with the Remington/winchester/Federal brass on my reloads.
Lots of inconsistency between the brass, even within the same headstamps
What new brass should I be looking for?
Lapua makes some pretty good 22-250 brass if you can find it! I picked up a couple of boxes at a Sportsman Warehouse and it seems to be fairly consistent. ADG makes 22-250 as well and their brass is top notch but I have not tried it in the 22-250. I do use ADG in most of my other rifles. JMO
I have used both Hornady and Laupa brass in the 2 different 22/250's I have had. I got excellent case life and accuracy from the Hornady brass I had. I had 100 cases of Hornady for my first 22/250 and burnt the barrel out shooting those with the bulk of the shooting done with the first 50. I got up to 17+ reloads on some of them. On the 22/250 I have now I am using Laupa and although I have no complaints with them, I find them ( after 3-4 loads / case) no better than the Hornady I had for my 1's 22/250. I never tried Norma but would presume them to be a quality case. JME
Currently my wife and I have four 22-250 rifles. My wife's rifle runs Norma brass and they are going well at six reloads with no issues. The other three rifles are running Lapua brass.
Norma states in their reloading manual that they take a random sample from each batch of new brass they make and load them 10 times at normal working pressures. If any of them fail the whole.batch is scrapped.
Good luck with the "where" part. I just finished an exhaustive search (granted my Google powers aren't that strong) and only found some new off brand brass. In a pinch to prep for an upcoming prairie dog hunt, so bought a few hundred rounds. Verdict out on level of accuracy or durability. But it will suffice for a PD hunt and then plinking later on. As soon as I can find "quality" brass for it, I will buy that.